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7 Resolutions to Keep Your Hair Healthy All Year Long

It’s officially 2021! Like a lot of us, you might be taking this time to set resolutions so you can live a healthier life all year long. But do any of your resolutions involve your hair health? Your hair is an important part of you- and it deserves love too! Here are our top 7 resolutions you can incorporate into your routine for strong and healthy hair:

1) Try out more heatless hairstyles

Air drying your hair is one of the best things you can do to preserve its strength. Of course, that doesn’t mean your hair has to look any less fabulous- there’s plenty of cute no heat styles that can transform your hair the same way heat can! Check out this no heat-styling for natural curls tutorial for future inspo. Try it out the next time you feel like skipping the blow dryer!

2) Use a heat protectant

On the days that you do want to heat style, remember to use a heat protectant! Heat protectants add a barrier between the hot tool and your hair, as well as seal the cuticles of your strands, so there’s less damage done to your hair by your hot tools. It’s an important step that can help reduce the amount of damage applied heat does to your hair!

3) Eat healthier

Haircare is way more than just the products you use, it’s also about what you put into your body. Try incorporating more vitamin and nutrient-rich foods into your diet to strengthen your strands and stimulate growth. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of vitamins and foods studies show are linked to good hair health.

4) Shower with cooler water

As nice as a warm shower might be, hot water is actually pretty harmful to hair. That’s because the high temperature can dry out your hair by sucking out all of its moisture, leaving it weak and brittle. Instead, try using a colder water temperature. Not only can it preserve your hair’s moisture, but it may also be able to reduce hair loss!

5) Invest in good hair care products

Of course, if you want nice hair you might want to look into good hair care. Lower quality hair products can be loaded with harmful ingredients that may be doing more harm than good, so make sure you do your research into the products you’re using! If you want specific product recommendations, try checking out the products your local bay area hair salon has for sale.

6) Be gentle with your wet hair

Hair is pretty delicate in general, but did you know your hair is extra prone to breakage while wet? Because of this, you should try to be careful with it when you’re fresh out of the shower to avoid any unnecessary damage. You can do this by brushing your hair before getting it wet, drying it off with a soft cotton t-shirt instead of a towel, and avoiding all hot tools before it dries completely.

7) Get regular hair trims

Staying on top of your hair trims is important! Not only is longer hair more prone to damage, but trims cut off any already existing damage to your ends, like splits, thinning, and dryness. There’s a lot of factors that might change how often you should be getting trimmed, like your hair’s texture, length, and style, but a good rule of thumb is once every three months.


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